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You Can Make Her Smile with a Short Trip to a Botosani Flower Shop

Whether she is your mother, your lover, your wife, your friend or your sister, a visit to a Botosani flower shop will put a smile on her faces, for sure. You do not have to wait for the special occasions to offer flowers; you can make her a nice surprise anytime. Spring is a season rich in flowers, so your options are countless. Any Botosani flower shop will have a varied offer of spring flowers. The delicacy and freshness of the spring flowers have the power to transform an insipid day into a very special one.

Botosani is a charming city, and a walk through the Old Center will contaminate you with the joy of spring, and you will feel the need to share it with someone. A gentle bouquet of spring flowers is the perfect way to help spread the euphoria of spring. For this, you have a lot of species of flowers to choose from, and you can either offer them separately, or combine them in cute bouquets.

If you want to surprise your mother with a bouquet of flowers, irises are a great choice. They are the symbol of wisdom, of faith and of human values, and, when she receives them, she will know she has your appreciation and gratitude. Even if they are not spring flowers, lilies are also appropriate for mothers. In the Greek culture, they are the symbol of maternity. Besides, they are superb, elegant and exquisite flowers, worthy of the one that gave you life. Lilies are available almost permanently at every Botosani flower shop.

When you choose flowers for your partner and you do not want to give her roses, like the last time, tulips are a great alternative. Red tulips, especially, help you send a love message and, combined with white ones, make a spectacular bouquet. If you want to let your girlfriend know that she holds a special place in your heart, you can do this with a bouquet of purple tulips. Yellow tulips express optimism and are appropriate when your loved one goes through a tough situation and you want to let her know you are by her side and assure her that everything will be alright.

Freesias are the perfect choice when you want to make a floral gift to a friend or a work colleague. They are fragile, delicate flowers, but they do not send a personal message. The freesia is the symbol of friendship and can be offered to sisters or other young women from your family. You are certain to find freesia in all available colors at any Botosani flower shop.

Hyacinths are the best flowers for young ladies. They symbolize youth, affection and playfulness. It is said that hyacinths give courage and confidence and protect the youth, so they are very welcome before an exam. Choose a Botosani flower shop and buy the right bouquet to offer a little, but vivid and pleasant surprise.