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A Botosani flowers online store is often the choice made by many people that prefer ordering a bouquet of flowers from their comfortable sofa, rather that running from one flower shop to the other. The offer is rich in flowers, and very diverse in combining them.

The Botosani flowers online stores offer their clients extensive image galleries with all the bouquets and flower arrangements they sell. A well maintained website is a proof of professionalism for any Botosani flowers online shop. 

In a season as abundant in flowers as spring is, it is customary to offer seasonal flowers. The online flower shops are well aware of this, and they usually have a special section in the image gallery dedicated exclusively to spring flowers. The Lily-of-the-Valley is among the most sought for and appreciated spring flowers. Because of their fragrance and delicate appearance, a bouquet of Lily-of-the-Valleys is best offered when one wants to share some good news or transmit the contagious joy of a sunny spring day.

The Lily-of-the-Valley is a flower with a rich history, surrounded by many legends. One of them says that Lily-of-the-Valleys were born from the tears of Eve, who was crying when she and Adam were leaving the Garden of Eden. Another legend says that the Lily-of-the-Valleys appeared from the tears of Mary when Jesus was crucified.

There is another legend, a profane one, this time, that tells the story of a prince and of a princess, brother and sister. The two children lived happily until the day a disease that brought death spread throughout the whole kingdom. The princess caught the disease and she died shortly after. According to the legend, the prince, who loved his sister very much, started to cry and could not stop. His tears became Lily-of-the-Valleys and were so many that they covered all the valleys from the kingdom. It is also said that nightingales do not start singing until the Lily-of-the-Valleys blossom and spread their perfume everywhere.

The Botosani flowers online stores have experienced florists and designers with good taste who manage to combine Lily-of-the-Valleys with different other flowers, to make dreamlike bouquets. The most often met combinations are with roses, peonies, and calla lily. The bouquets made from Lily-of-the-Valleys are more and more popular among the brides. A Lilies Lily-of-the-Valleys wedding bouquet is chosen by the brides that want to express elegance and simplicity.

A bouquet of Lily-of-the-Valleys offered by a husband to his wife means he feels a pure and sincere love towards her. When the bouquet is offered by a man to a female friend of his, it means he loves her secretly. Lily-of-the-Valleys are also offered to send encouraging messages, and they are the right choice when you want to wish someone good luck with an exam. Choose a Botosani flowers online delivery service and look for the perfect bouquet - you will, no doubt, find the bouquet you are looking for, in the shortest time.