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Online Brasov Flower Shop: Young Ladies’ Favorite Flowers

Whenever you need a Brasov flower shop, there are plenty of possibilities, offline or online, but online is easier, more convenient and more comfortable. Such a service gives you access to a multitude of flower varieties and bouquet models.

One of the most frequent problems for buyers is what the most suitable flowers for a young lady are. No matter if you are a young man wishing to surprise his girlfriend with a gesture of appreciation or a father wanting a bouquet for his daughter, it is often difficult to find the suitable solution.

So, let’s learn something from professional florists’ experience. Any good online Brasov flower shop keeps up with the current trends concerning flowers.

Here is what young misses prefer.

Pink roses with Gypsophila

Although popularly called, in Romania, “flower of the bride” and, obviously, associated to wedding bouquets, Gypsophila is a flower that looks good in any context.

Small, but joyful, white or pink, this flower is a suitable match for roses. Pink roses also transmit a sense of youth and joy.

Such a bouquet is not fancy and it also has a convenient price. Any online Brasov flower shop can provide you with such a bouquet.

Colorful Gerberas

They are big, beautiful, impressive, but not excessively romantic. And, most important, there is a multitude of colors available. While, for an elderly person, one or two colors per bouquet are more suitable, for a young miss, why not combine as many varieties as possible?

Gerberas are not expensive, they can be easily bought in large numbers and the more colorful they are, the more joy they transmit.

Lilies with purple roses

Lilies are big, elegant and with an extraordinary smell. Together with some purple roses, they are perfect to transmit your appreciation. If your daughter just graduated from university or achieved anything else that makes you proud, such a bouquet is the perfect choice.


Any local Brasov flower shop can offer many such flowers. This is because they are very trendy. Relatively common, at the first glance, but beautiful and jolly, bright yellow, they are another inspired choice.

A sunflower bouquet has no romantic connotation, however, it is perfect for charming any girl’s eye. It simply transmits that you are thinking about her. It can cheer her up and raise her morale if she is ill or sad. You can give her such a bouquet when she returns from a long travel, when she gets a significant achievement in her life, for March 8, or, simply, with no special occasion.

There are two things to know about sunflower. First of all, it does not necessarily need to be yellow. Even some of the most common varieties can have shades of orange. Furthermore, there are decorative varieties, with colors ranging from white to bright red.

Second, it can be well combined with other flowers. Just access the internet, search for “Brasov flower shop” and you will find plenty of mixed bouquets available in your area!