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Brasov Flowers: Some Useful Facts about Carnations

In any major city, including Brasov flowers are easy to find, with a wide variety of options, from neighborhood flower shops to online shops.

No matter if it is her birthday, Women’s Day or any other major anniversary, a flower bouquet is the easiest way to transmit your appreciation. And, by using an online platform, you can pre-order the bouquet for any day and time.

Some of the most popular flowers, among Romanians, are carnations. Common and, yet, beautiful, they are suitable to almost any occasion. In Constanta, Timisoara or Brasov flowers buyers have the same first option: Dianthus caryophyllus, i.e. the classic carnation.

Some Basic Notions

The scientific name “Dianthus” is the Greek word for “flower of the gods”. Originating from Eurasia, these flowers are found in a multitude of varieties and forms, with extremely varied shapes and colors.

They are being cultivated for over 2,000 years, for their beauty. Ancient Greeks and Romans preferred pink and orange carnations and they intensely used them as a model for decorative painting.

In time, new varieties have been selected, with colors ranging from white to purple. Some have big flowers, in low numbers for each stem (usually, one per stem), others have many small flowers and there are the dwarf varieties, with a multitude of tiny flowers. Just give it a search for “Brasov flowers”, to see how many forms are available at local online flower shops!

You probably did not know it, but the carnation is Spain’s national flower and, in Portugal, it was the symbol of the revolutionaries that restored freedom in the country, during the ‘70s.

They are perennial plants, so if she does not like cut flowers, you can simply offer her a pot of carnations that can last for years. They like moist soils and “wild” varieties always have five petals per flower. Hybrid forms, however, can have flowers with up to 40 petals each.

Even more pleasant, they often have a strong smell.


Now that you have decided what to offer and you have also looked for an online Brasov flowers shop, it is the moment to choose the right color. This is because each color has its own signification!

Red means admiration and love, depending on the shade (lighter for expressing your sympathy and darker for a profound love).

Pink is the suitable color for the flowers you offer to your mother on her birthday or March 8.

Purple – attention, because purple is usually associated with caprice.

Yellow, for carnations, means disappointment (not jealousy, like in roses). It is good to know, to avoid misunderstandings.

White is equivalent to wishing good luck. It is the perfect choice for a graduation, for instance.

Green is not really natural. Green carnations are green because they are dyed so. Irish people use them for St. Patrick’s Day, but in Romania they do not have a particular meaning.

Striped carnations are beautiful, indeed, but mean the refusal of an offer or regret (this is why they are very suitable for sending condolences).

Furthermore, carnations can be used in mixed bouquets, along with other flowers. Just search for a serious Brasov flowers supplier and you will be able to give her the most beautiful carnations!