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The 7 Most Popular Flowers Ordered Online or What to Order from Your Favorite Bucharest Flower Shop

Whenever you need to send a gift, to congratulate someone or send your best wishes, and you lack time and ideas, placing an order at your favorite Bucharest flower shop is the easiest way to make ends meet.

Is it the birthday of a friend in Titan and you would rather avoid crossing the city from Drumul Taberei to deliver your present? Are the flower shops closed when you leave from work or you would rather avoid getting stuck in traffic somewhere around Victoriei Plaza at a rush hour?

You can order the flowers online and have them delivered to your friend while you never have to leave your office and worry about time waste and heavy traffic. By the time you get to your friend, she will be already grateful for your thoughtful gesture.

The Eternal Dilemma – What Flowers Should You Order?

For each occasion and for each person in your life, there are specific suitable flowers. And a good online Bucharest flower shop has them all. Here is a list with the most popular flowers ordered online.


Roses are considered the traditional symbol of love. Red roses symbolize love, passion, warmth of heart, and the more in a bouquet, the more intense the feeling the bouquet transmits. Dragobete, Valentine’s Day or her birthday are perfect moments to send her such flowers.

But, roses do not necessarily have to be red. A pink rose inspires happiness and joy and can be given to your mother or a friend. White means friendship, while yellow can be a symbol of joy, but also jealousy.

Many people send red and yellow bouquets when they want to congratulate someone, and there are many more colors waiting to express your feelings, ready to be ordered from your favorite Bucharest flower shop.


These are, definitely, some of the most popular flowers in Romania. Some may think that they are just too common, but there are lots of varieties of carnations and they are rather expressive, too.

Red carnations are a good choice for declaring your love, while other colors can mean joy, friendship, gratitude... The white ones are the traditional choice for transmitting condolences.


Beautiful and popular, they can mean love (red ones) or a request for forgiveness (white ones).

The nice thing about tulips is that they are available in an enormous variety of colors and shapes. Some can be curly, with petals in several colors or (almost) black. Just take a look at the bouquets in your favorite Bucharest flower shop's gallery and see what fits the personality of the woman you want to surprise.


They are an elegant way of expressing your love and appreciation, and their big white, orange and pink flowers give a note of elegance and delicacy to any bouquet.


These flowers are incredibly varied, exotic and beautiful. They are often quite expensive, but many people love ordering them for special occasions and/or special persons in their lives.


Daisies are common, but still beautiful flowers. When you have several women to congratulate, no matter if they are work colleagues, friends, neighbors or distant relatives, a bouquet of daisies will look nice without costing a fortune.


They feature an incredible variety of colors and they last quite well in time. You can order them as a bouquet or in a pot. Either way, they will surely be appreciated by any woman.

Any of these flowers can help you make a great impression, so call your favorite Bucharest flower shop or access their website and order a gorgeous bouquet for the woman/women in your life!