Bucharest flowers delivery by the online flower shop

How to Choose the Best Bucharest Flowers Delivery Service

There are several Bucharest flowers delivery companies that take orders online nowadays. There is nothing wrong with the traditional method of going to a florist, looking at the flowers, deciding on how the bouquet should look like and personally taking it to its receiver. Indeed, there are few things as meaningful as offering flowers to someone in person.

However, there may be situations when this is not possible. If you are working more than eight hours a day and it happens to be her birthday, how can you find the time to go there personally? How will you get to her if you are in Otopeni and she lives in Titan, considering the distance and the traffic? It would take you hours, but that does not mean you cannot still surprise her.

A local Bucharest flowers delivery service is the perfect choice. Form University Plaza to Popești-Leordeni, all the neighborhoods in Bucharest and even the city outskirts are covered. More than that, finding such a service is piece-of-cake, since most flower shops take orders online. Only a few minutes of surfing the web and you can already select the bouquet of your dreams.

To make sure the flowers delivered look as advertised and will get to right address in due time, it is important that you choose the flower shop carefully. Here is some advice on how to do that:

Types of Online Florists

When you search for Bucharest flowers delivery services, you will probably end up with a bunch of names and no idea of their reliability. You need to know that not all these enterprises are the same.

·      First of all, there are actual florists. Many small flower shops, having a physical location, have also begun to take orders online by themselves or in partnership with other companies. Their major upside is that they know a great deal of things about flowers and how to maintain them as fresh as possible, and they are able to design impressive bouquets. The downside is their higher price (as they incur higher costs), plus the somewhat limited offer.

·      Flower importers are another category of Bucharest flowers delivery service providers. They import flowers in bulk, from countries like Holland and they deliver them to the clients, either retailers or individuals. These flowers are fresh and in a perfect state, while the service is remarkably cheap, but, be aware, if you want a bouquet, you need to make it yourself.

·      Online retailers, on the other hand, collect lots of flowers from different categories and of different colors and deal with all the following steps, from arranging them to actually delivering them to the person they are addressed to. Their prices are quite low, while their efficiency is maximal.

Area Covered and Reputation

Some retailers have a wide distribution network, catering to the needs of clients throughout the country. Others only deliver close to their physical location. When you place your order, make sure to check online if there are any complaints regarding the Bucharest flowers delivery service you plan on turning to, as you want to make sure your flowers will reach the person to receive them in due time and looking fresh and beautiful.