Cluj Napoca flowers delivery by the online flower shop

In Cluj Napoca Flowers Delivery Services Bring Flowers from All over the World

If you admire the multitude of flower species and colors in flower shops and at street florists, you will realize that the Cluj Napoca flowers delivery services do not get their merchandise only from the greenhouses in our country.

In fact, they import flowers from many countries across Europe and not only. The main supplier for many retailers is the Netherlands, for both cut and pot flowers.  Only in Cluj Napoca, flowers delivery companies bring millions of cut and potted plants each year. They deliver them to the local flower shops and street vendors who make them available to the end customer.

South-East Asia is also an important source of exotic plants. Orchids are mainly brought from this area and make happy hundreds of thousands of customers who, thirty years ago, could only see orchids at botanical gardens like the Alexandru Borza botanical garden in Cluj Napoca.

Countries from Africa, like Ethiopia and Kenya, occasionally export cut and potted flowers as well, but none of these countries compares with the Netherlands, the biggest exporter in the world.

There are several ways to bring the flowers to Cluj Napoca, flowers delivery companies using either terrestrial transportation, namely trucks, or aerial shipping, especially for long distances like those from South-East Asia to Europe.

Risks Involved in Dealing with the Import / Export of Cut and Potted Flowers

There are several factors that make this import-export operation risky:

The flowers could wither and die if transported in improper conditions; 

Some plants could shelter dangerous insects and parasites that may represent health hazards for both people and animals;

The transportation costs and the deterioration rate are quite high, so the flowers reach the market at quite high prices.

Any serious transportation firm will take all the necessary measures to prevent the withering of the flowers, the most common measures being the implementation of strict rules of manipulation, telling the employees exactly what to do and how to do it in order to avoid harming the flowers. 

The import and export of plants is regulated differently from one country to another, depending on the national legislation. For instance, importing plants related to drugs, such as cannabis, may be punished by the national law in many countries, while all import and export related procedures require corresponding documentation.

The Cluj Napoca flowers delivery companies usually rely on two types of transport. One of them refers to the import of plants and involves going through the customs, where the content of the vehicle is checked to see if there are any forbidden plants inside, if there are signs of contamination or if the papers associated with the transportation are in order. The second type refers to the delivery of cut flowers, floral arrangements or potted plants from the flower shop or retailer's premises to the client or to the address appointed by the client when placing his order.

For every man living in the Feleac foothills, the Cluj Napoca flowers delivery services are slowly but surely becoming part of everyday life, the solution for sending flowers to the important women in their lives.