Best flower shop in Cluj Napoca - awarded by CityHall

Cluj Napoca Flowers Vendors and Their Offers

In Cluj Napoca flowers are almost everywhere: in the Cetatuia Park, in the Central Park Simion Barnutiu, in the Alexandru Borza Botanical Garden, in the street lawns or in the vases and baskets of the itinerant florists. Cluj Napoca is a city where flowers are at home, as its inhabitants like to have a clean and elegant place to live in.

For any citizen of Cluj Napoca flowers are as important as pure air or civilized public transport. They could not live without their groomed parks, which offer hours of relaxation for numerous adults, children, teenagers, grandparents and lovers. The whole city is a huge garden, with numerous trees, flowers, and green lawns.

Roses as a Token of Love

Among the most spread Cluj Napoca flowers you will always find roses. You can see them in every park or garden, as well as in the vases or floral arrangements of the local flower shops. Thousands of roses of all sizes, forms and colors, with their discrete fragrances, delight the view and the smell of the passersby in this beautiful city.

When you enter a flower shop, you will be able to admire roses of all colors: white, red, dark red, pink, dark or light yellow, orange, apricot, purple, mauve, or motley. Their delicate corolla in multiple forms, contributes to a wide variety of such flowers, which are undoubtedly among the most sought after. There is probably no man or woman out there who has never bought a rose to give it to someone dear. The rose, like in Gilbert Bécaud’s song “L’important, c’est la rose”, is the flower of passion, the one that always says “I love you!”

Varieties of Roses That You Can Find in Flower Shops

Here are some varieties of roses that you can find at the Cluj Napoca flowers stands and shops and buy them for a dear person:

Tahitian Sunset – a splendid combination of pink and apricot and a nice smell;

Julia Child – a variety with a full form and a sweet smell;

Teasing Georgia – an apricot-yellow rose with a strong fragrance;

Mardi Gras – multi-colored, from pink to orange, and with a peppery smell;

Easy Does It – a peach rose with pink highlights and a moderate fruity fragrance;

Pat Austin – copper rose with tea fragrance;

About Face – orange rose smelling like mild fresh apple;

Wild Blue Yonder – reddish-purple and with citrus fragrance;

Elle – a medium pink rose with a spicy fragrance;

Frankly Scarlet – a spicy fragranced scarlet color rose;

Ruby Celebration – deep red, suggesting black, although no black rose really exists.

Whenever you visit someone close to you or go to an anniversary party, there is no gesture more meaningful than offering a bouquet of roses as an expression of your feelings. To find the perfect bouquet, take the time to visit several flower shops or browse the Internet and find a flower shop online. In Cluj Napoca flowers can be delivered to your address in a matter of hours.