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For Your Wedding Day in Cluj Napoca Flowers Online Orders Are the Most Convenient Solution

Your wedding day is close and you still have not chosen your bridal bouquet, but if regular flower shops need a lot of time, Cluj Napoca flowers online services can still save the day.

Orders are processed quickly, and retailers have a considerable stock of flowers, so you still have good chances to find a beautiful bridal bouquet and not let your bridesmaids down either.

What Kind of Bridal Bouquet Should You Choose - Cluj Napoca Flowers Online Orders Usually Benefit from the Advice of Skilled Florists, with an Eye for Beauty and a Taste for Flowers

Your bouquet should depend largely on the way your dress looks like. Is it a classic white dress or is it a modern apricot or pale green one? Is it short or long, tight or generous, embroidered or simple? So many questions to answer when you choose a bridal bouquet and no time to waste, because the great day is close! Of course, if you let all these decisions in the hands of a stylist, you will get the answers on the spot.

Here are some bouquets ideas that should offer you a few alternatives to the standard bouquets people are used to see on wedding days. They could be ordered at any flower shop, including the Cluj Napoca flowers online shops. Just imagine holding such a bouquet at your wedding in the Orthodox Cathedral or while having picture taken near the statue of Avram Iancu on a beautiful sunny day.

A summery bouquet with dahlias, zinnias, roses, geranium, ornamental oregano, bringing the summer perfume;

An asymmetrical bouquet, including yellow narcissi, white narcissi, and white freesias – a combination of the lightly sweet freesias smell and the heady fragrance of the narcissi – everything tied with a narrow-striped white and yellow ribbon and pinned with a yellow vintage button;

A combination of peonies and ranunculus as large flowers, and jasmine as small flowers;

Creamy cymbidium and astilbe, finished with a ribbon of white-silk satin;

Peonies, ranunculus and anemones in white and creamy tones, the dark centers of the anemones contrasting with the rest of the bouquet;

An innocent combination of hyacinth and lavender, dressed with a handle of mauve silk;

A cheerful composition for a summer day that any Cluj Napoca flowers online shop can provide includes miniature daffodils, oncidium orchids and crocus, all in dark yellow and orange tones;

Creamy anemones with dark centers, tied with a black velvet dotted ribbon;

A bunch of pink zinnias, gold-edged orange and pink ribbon, knotted around a handle of brown taffeta;

Parrot tulips and double-petaled narcissi – a poetic bouquet in orange tones, tied with silk ribbon, hand-dyed in complementary pastel shades;

Freesia, anemones, ranunculus, tulips, peonies and green hosta leaves make an elegant bouquet;

Orange long-stemmed calla lilies and tulips, and an orange satin ribbon binding them together.

These are only a few combinations that could make a great bridal bouquet for your wedding day, and with a Cluj Napoca flowers online order you can have any of them delivered to your door.