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When You Are in Doubt about a Present Run to a Craiova Flower Shop, You Will Find What You Need


A short visit to a Craiova flower shop around the corner can relieve you of the difficult task of buying a gift, especially for someone you hardly know. A flower bouquet is always welcome, if chosen carefully.


When we choose flowers, we must not think that the gesture itself will be enough to be appreciated by the receiver, and that he choice of flowers does not matter. It is indeed a nice gesture, but it will be much nicer if the flowers fit the occasion, and, if possible, the preferences of the person they are meant for. Choose a Craiova flower shop from the many possibilities there are in the city, and buy the perfect bouquet.


Flowers convey many different messages, from affection to consideration, from gratitude to respect. Covering such a wide range of feelings, flowers are offered in any social situations. Here are just a few of them: birthdays, name days, engagement, wedding day, birth, christening, anniversaries, graduation, and promotion. A simple visit can be a reason to give flowers to the hosts. Certainly, it will not be hard to find a Craiova flower shop; the city has so many in every neighborhood, from Sarari to George Enescu, from Craiovita to Lapus Arges.


As mentioned before, flowers are the appropriate gift in any situation. However, not all the flowers fit all occasions; they must be chosen with great consideration. For example, when we want to give flowers to the parents of a newborn, we must choose delicate flowers, which we can combine in small bouquets. The most appropriate flowers for this occasion are lily-of-the-valley, daisy, daffodils, pink roses, carnation or lilac flowers. For events such as celebrating the golden or silver wedding, we will choose large bouquets of roses or chrysanthemum, flowers that last longer, in general.


The flowers we take to someone we visit in the hospital must be chosen with much care. Under no circumstance we will take strongly fragrant flowers, such has lilies or hyacinths. In this case, the most appropriate flowers are the carnations, the roses or gerbera daisies. If you have doubt about what flowers to pick, ask a Craiova flower shop attendant; they are well experienced and can help you with advice for every occasion.


When you want to add a flower bouquet to a birthday present, it is important to know what the favorite flowers of the birthday girl are. You should also take into consideration your relation with that person, when you choose the flowers. If it is the coming of age party, the custom is to offer a bouquet of 19 flowers that can be white or pink mini roses, freesia or the young lady’s favorite flowers.


Although less usual, men can receive flowers, as well. The most appropriate bouquets are those made of yellow and blue flowers, or a combination of green, white, and yellow. You can order such bouquets at any Craiova flower shop.