Holiday gift basket ( 9 products )

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Choose a personalized holiday gift basket, full of products that will surprise the beloved person with diversity and quality!

Basket content:

A Danish cookies box 454 g., a Horno lemon and chocolate crème pie 400 g., a Ferrero Rocher 200 g candy box, a Murfatlar (Cabernet Sauvignon) 250 ml little wine bottle, a Colavita 250 ml olive oil bottle, a Dark Intense (Heidi) 80 g chocolate, a globe, a Christmas toy ( snowman ), willow basket.

The basket is rolled in plastic bag busy with a little knot that can be personalized with the company name or a holiday message (ex. “Happy holidays!” ). By demand, this gift basket can be made also with other colors.

The product is delivered only in Bucharest through home delivery service. For more than one piece demand, Total Flower Shop offers 20-50% discounts.