Roses bouquet (6 months)

Choose desired colors:

A special gift that consists of 6 roses bouquets of different colors that can be delivered during a months period, one bouquet per month. You can personalize this offer by simply sending an email.

You will find the standard colors for the roses bouquets below, that can be optionally changes:

the 1st flowers bouquet employs 11 white roses:

2nd bouquet: 11 pink roses

3rd bouquet: 11 yellow roses

4th bouquet: 11 orange roses 

5th bouquet: 11 white and red roses

6th bouquet: 11 red roses

The special offer at Total Flower Shop includes one elegant vase for the first bouquet and a fine chocolate box for the fourth bouquet. Place an order at our online flower shop and take advantage from this great offer available in the online flowers collection.